Blinded By Insight

Alex Gantman
1 min readJul 11, 2022

Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to generate a spark of insight that suddenly illuminates a problem from a new angle. For an instant we are able to make out new patterns, to see farther than others have been able to before.

Distorted and imperfect as it may be, the revelation allows others to move forward, to advance our collective understanding, and in turn to shine their own light on the problem.

Sadly, the very flash that once allowed us to see farther than others can leave us blind to future perspectives. We get attached to the image lit up by the spark — our spark. It is a manifestation of our genius. It is our precious. The sudden vision gets etched into the mind’s eye, long straining to see in darkness, and forever blurs our view of the world.

As it goes with character flaws, I noticed this one in others long before recognizing it in myself.

I wonder what others see that I no longer can.